Swing and the City M├╝nchen

Trainer Team

Eugene (Evgenii) Borisenko

Our Latest Import: Freshly arrived from St. Petersburg (Russia) to inform us Eugene predominantly designed Lindy Hop.

Eugene dancing since he is 6 Years Old Ballroom and Latin dances to the highest tournament level. In 2007 he has taken the Fedor Nedotko drew his attention to the secrets and pleasures of social dancing and since He Was infected and Could not stop dancing. After he then coached four years Salsa & Lindy Hop in 2011 started New York to teach style and short time so Lindy Hop, Which He has devoted his heart and soul later ­čÖé


Christine von Scheidt

Without Christine can imagine the Munich Swing scene not imagine. From Their commitment to live Numerous events: such as the Munich Lindy Exchange and in the summer of Swing in the Park (Hofgarten).
Since „Swing and the City“ is Their project, You Will Find Their contact information ┬áand┬á biography on separate pages. End of September 2009, she finally opened her own studio – Cats‘ Corner. In January 2012, The Gates of 1 Swing and the City branch, the Hep Cat Club opened in Augsburg. Salzburg, Regensburg and Ingolstadt were added–2013.

After 5 years, the first studio was too small – Hence the move to / expanding the current premises of the On Stage at the beginning of 2015th